Announcing the 2nd Annual TAC Tiny Film Festival!

submissionsAnnouncing the second annual TAC Tiny Film Festival. We are honored and excited to help you share your stories with the world through this exclusive online festival.

And yes… there will be prizes.

The Festival begins in November, but your submission deadline is September 30, 2014.

So, get movie-making!

What You Need to Know…

Though the Tiny Film Festival will be presented online to a world-wide audience, only current, paid Thriving Artist Circle members are eligible. That’s right. We’re shining the spotlight on you and your short film.

Films or web-series episodes cannot run longer than 7 minutes – that includes credits.

Films that have been previously screened at other festivals, streamed online, or distributed on DVD are still eligible for the festival. You may also submit one episode of your web-series regardless of where else your series has played. However, you cannot submit the same film as you submitted to the festival last year.

You may submit one film and select one of the following categories:


Mark Your Calendar…
september 1
september 30
november 1
december 1
december 15


How the Winners are Selected…

The top 3 Semi-finalists in Comedy, Drama, + Web-Series will be determined by an anonymous jury of your peer TAC Members that do not have films entered into the festival and are selected by Dallas + her team.

1st Prize winners in each category will be decided on by our panel of expert judges. Viewer’s Choice will be selected by the voting public. The Grand Prize will be awarded by the expert judges as well.

Winners will be announced December 15th. The cash prizes are as follows:
grand prize

first prize

first prize

first prize



Stay tuned for more details about how to submit and promote your project. But for now, here’s a general outline to help you prepare.

1. Pick a category for your film: Comedy, Drama, or Web Series. Read the guidelines for content.

2. Make sure your film meets the time restrictions for the website.

3. Fill out the submission form on Members’ site + have your video embed code ready.

4. When voting begins, promote your film to everyone you know for votes + vote for your favorites.

5. You will be notified by Friday, October 24, 2014 if you are a semi-finalist. Our VIP judges will be voting for the winners in each category.

6. Watch the announcement of the winners online.

7. Celebrate your accomplishment + start brainstorming for next year!


Check out the 2013 Tiny Film Festival Winners!

Grand Prize
A Memory

Best Drama
Luv U

Best Comedy
Once A Loser

Best Webisode
Bad Nannies

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